Jeff Scott, President

Jeff has a background in engineering production and has managed companies in China, Asia, and the U.S.A. As the owner of a home remodeling company, he saw something lacking in the stone selection industry. Slab Network is his solution to give customers, retailers, and distributors an interface to view and locate stones at their leisure.

Brad Gamble, Vice President

Brad has more than 16 years of experience as a granite professional and is a top-level negotiator and problem solver. He is a leading expert in sales, fabrication, installation, and shop management. Brad’s eye for detail and skills were perfected as a former owner of Timeless Stone Creations in Canada and as a former president of United Steelworkers of America local 3561.

What Our Clients Say

"It can definitely be a challenge because there are all kinds of options out there, from huge department stores."

I really love it!

Adam Benson
New York

"We want everything we do to reflect how much we think of you, our most valuable assets."

John Hulkman
Microsoft Leader

"Ouset Technologie GmbH produces world class technologies developed with German standard engineering. Our business portal will allow current and new dealers."

Greatest Quality!

Natasha Diana
Apple's CEO

"A big part of our design process is validation and nailing the details. InVision lets us iterate quickly, elevate quality, and ship fast."

Felix Design
Apple CEO's